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What Was Jesus’s Relationship with Joseph Like?

Dear Roger,My wife and I were discussing Jesus and his earthly father. Joseph did a tremendous job of parenting Jesus during his most formative years. What do you think?Sincerely, BudDear Bud,I agree! We can learn a great deal about parenting from the relationship between Jesus and Joseph. I’ve selected several important things that a father (or mother) can do that will help children become emotionally and spiritually healthy adults.Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/kieferpix

7 Inspiring Movies about Dads for Father's Day

Most major movies in Hollywood include universal, family-centric themes everyone can embrace.Some films, though, rise above the rest in this category.Some films even focus on specific relationships within the family, such as the unique bond between fathers and their children.Movies about fathers can motivate men to become better dads. They can encourage them to make a course correction before it’s too late. They even can spark a movement of reconciliation.Below are seven movies about dads that are guaranteed to inspire.Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Fizkes

6 Prayers for Father's Day

Let us join together in thanking God for these noble men and blessing them as we draw near to such a special holiday.

5 Ways to Encourage Dads This Father's Day

Dads provide their families with guidance, protection, and leadership. They are a role model for their kids. Dads set the standard for what a dad and husband look like in their future relationships. Men in the faith have the opportunity to teach their kids about proper fear of the Lord and how to repent when we sin. They model what godly, fatherly love looks like.

10 Ways to Begin Experiencing God as Your Father

Many people recoil at the idea of God as their Father based upon their experience with their own father or authority figures. If the idea of developing an intimate relationship with an invisible God is a bit daunting for you, let me give you a few suggestions to get you started.

How to Approach Father's Day as a Single Mom

Single Moms, when Father’s Day comes around do you feel alone––maybe even discouraged? Do you find yourself holding back tears because your little ones have no daddy upon whom they can shower homemade cards and kisses? Or maybe you’re the mom who stands alone in the doorway of your home as your children ride away to enjoy a few hours of playtime––with their every-other-weekend dad.

10 Powerful Ways Dads Can Forge a Strong Relationship with Their Daughter

Without words, my dad faithfully repaired the doorframe every time my teenage angst slammed it off its alignment. No one ever asked him to check on me after an outburst that ended in tears behind that slammed door, but he always did. My dad loved me despite the massive cloud that took over from time to time during those hard, teen years. When I was wrong. When I overreacted. When my heart was broken by some boy. My dad always checked in to make sure I was OK. He reminded me who I was and that he loved me.I realize not everyone is blessed with the same story, but from the outpouring of mine, I share ways that fathers can forge lasting and real relationships with their daughters. It’s not rocket science. Rather, it’s simply putting the door back on the hinges, wiping the tears away, and lending hugs to let them know they are loved more than they could possibly understand.Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/Jonathan Borba

15 Unique Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

What if your dad is leaving you a little bewildered, and you want to do something truly different this year, but you can't seem to conjure up any new or unique ideas? Well, not to fret; I've gotcha covered! First, tap into what makes your dad tick. What does he enjoy or like to do in his spare time? Is he a golfer? Does he love boats? Maybe he likes to explore and step out in nature.

4 Things Dads Really Want on Father's Day

Fathers carry a lot of responsibility. From providing for their families to keeping things in working order, fathers tend to carry the world's weight on their shoulders. This Father's Day, let's be sensitive to the dads who just need a break.

6 Empowering Prayers for Dads

As men we don’t often talk about it, but I was reminded of something that a fellow brother in Christ once told me. Being a man is hard. I know we like to portray the image of toughness and position ourselves as conquerors who can overcome anything. I also know the people in our lives often see us in this light, but I must concur with my friend. Being a man is hard.There are challenges that come with manhood, especially when you consider the various roles we play. While I could list all of them, today I just want to focus on one: being a dad. One of the most challenging and rewarding roles in many men’s lives is that of being a dad. I know that is true of my life.This is one of those jobs that you really can’t study for or prep for. You are thrust into it and must learn as you go. The challenge only magnifies if you have more than one child because you will quickly discover how you dealt with one child may not work on the other. At the end of the day, being a good dad will require much prayer and wisdom that comes from God’s word and the Holy Spirit.For today, let’s focus on prayer. Here are six prayers that you can pray as you are facing the challenge of being a dad.Photo credit: Unsplash/Kelli McClintock

What I Learned Becoming a Dad at 20

Enjoy this moment. Whatever it is. If they’re in diapers — I know it sounds crazy — but enjoy it. If they’re learning to walk, you film that stuff and back up the file in as many places as you can so you can look back on it and bawl your eyes out on their 18th birthday. It goes by so much faster than you could have imagined.

3 More Things My Dad Taught Me

Because my dad was a humble and quiet man, I learned mostly by observing his actions. A previous article covered much of what he taught me. Here are three more things I learned from him.

10 Perfect Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

I’m pretty sure I’ve purchased the exact same Father’s Day card for the last three years or so. It seems all too familiar as I read it, but I can’t help but feel it must be the best card of the bunch—even if it’s the one my dad has received over and over again!For some reason, finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day seems much more difficult than Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because we know that most moms enjoy flowers, jewelry, or spa gift cards, whereas dads are a bit more particular.If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad or husband, hopefully this list of 10 perfect gifts will give you a few fresh ideas—even if you pair it with the exact same card as last year.Photo Credit: ©Kay-Fochtmann-EyeEm

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