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Great American Pure Flix to Spotlight Christ this Holiday Season with Advent Devotionals

Great American Pure Flix will spotlight the “reason for the season” throughout December with Christ-centric video Advent devotions from some of its top talent, including Jesse Hutch, Lucas Black, Karen Kingsbury, and Danica McKellar.

The Advent Wreath devotionals will launch on Dec. 3, with one from Jesse Hutch followed by those from Black (Dec. 10), Kingsbury (Dec. 17) and McKellar (Dec. 24).

Hutch told Christian Headlines the devotionals will help the audience remember the real meaning of Christmas

“It’s fun, and it’s light, but it will give you just enough that you can reflect,” he said. “Maybe it will go with you throughout the day.”   

He stars in the new holiday movie A Christmas Blessing.

In the first devotional, Hutch encourages the audience to focus on others during the holiday season.

“For me, the Christmas spirit is actually belief in Jesus Christ in Scripture,” Hutch says in the video. “So during the holiday season, that's, in our family, just another reason for us to focus not on ourselves but on others. … Christmas is always a reminder of helping those around you.”

Hutch told Christian Headlines that during the holiday season, he tries to teach his children, ages 9, 11, and 12, how “to shift our personal outlook from a self-centeredness to an outward view.”

“You can go down to the local homeless shelter and serve soup. You can go through your closet, take clothes out, and donate them. I mean, there's so many different ways in our first-world perspective, that we can be more helpful.”

Hutch and his wife are hosting a get-together for friends this holiday season. The children, he said, will help serve. 

“We're gonna have them help us prep food. And while the night goes on, they can go around and clean dishes, ask people if they need a drink,” Hutch said. 

The goal is to show them “what it takes to serve other people,” he said.

Great American Pure Flix, formerly just “Pure Flix,” is owned by Great American Media. 

Photo Courtesy: Great American Pure Flix

Video Courtesy: Pure Flix via YouTube

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