10 Things Every Husband Should Be Doing for His Wife

So how can you keep your marriage strong in the better and build it back up in the worse? Love your wife more than yourself. Push your needs aside and instead of asking what she can do for you, ask, “What can I do for her?”

10 Ways You Can Prepare Yourself for Marriage Now

Marriage is a gift but it also holds up a mirror to your own character in a way that can be challenging. Being ready to lay down some of yourself to better love another is an important part of readying your heart for marriage.

7 Ways Praying Together Strengthens a Couple’s Marriage

What if prayerlessness as a couple in marriage is a ploy of the enemy to weaken and interfere with the benefits a husband and wife experience together and in their family, when they pray together? With a willingness and commitment to fortify our relationships, here are seven ways we can strengthen our marriages through praying together.


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