Creative Mother-Daughter Date Ideas for Fall

Hey there, are you a girl momma too? Well, welcome to the club! As a mom of three daughters, I am always on the hunt for fun ideas and special ways to spend time with each of my girls. Now that I have two teens, let’s just say that this momma has to get a little (or a lot) creative. And let me tell you - I am so thankful it is fall! Bring on the harvest festivals and many mother/daughter date ideas. Yahoo!

Yep, I really do love fall! There is just something truly special about this time of year. It’s as if the whisper of the wind and the glow from this sweet season waft in with an open invitation to spend time with those we dearly love! As cute scarecrows and plump pumpkins make their debut once again, they carry a warm welcome that declares, “Come on in, get cozy, and soak it all in – the sights, the smells, and all the fall flavors.”

So, maybe, like me, you are ready to relish this season and create some lasting memories with your precious daughter, but you need some ideas. Well, my sweet “girl momma” friend, you have come to the right place. Below, you will find merely a few ideas to get you started. Whether you have a sweet little miss or an adoring adult, there is something to meet every momma and daughter. But let me assure you, nothing is too crazy or costly, as this is more of a means to bond with your sweet girl, keeping it simple yet fun! At the same time, realize that taking some time (even briefly) for a festive fall mother/daughter date will cultivate your relationship and be so worth it!

And now, without further ado, here we go, my friends; let’s step into fall together with our dear daughters and enjoy the moments and the glorious gifts this season has to offer!

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Mommas to Tiny Tots

Mommas to Tiny Tots

If you are a momma to a new little bundle or have a two-three-year-old toddler, these fall dates are just for you! Enjoying and exploring this season with her will be precious time that she may not remember, but trust me, you will. And pictures will always tell the story and be a special way for you to go back and relive the memories as she gets older.

So, here are a few fun, simple, and sweet activities to do with your sweet tiny tot:

-Both of you dress up in a cute “fall” outfit and take pictures next to pumpkins.

-Go for a walk and talk about what you see, hear, smell, and feel.

-Read books about Fall, Thanksgiving, and harvest.

-Make homemade applesauce together.

-Do an exploration table (or bin) with corn, leaves, cinnamon sticks, acorns, pinecones, beans, and more.

-Carve a pumpkin and let them feel around the inside.

-Make messy art with fall colors.

-Go to the park and have a picnic.

-Make bath time fun with glow-in-the-dark bath toys.

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Mommy’s to Little Ladies

Mommy’s to Little Ladies

So, you are a momma to a little lady who may be up for a little more fun. This sweet age generally loves to make crafts, try new things, and explore as they learn more about themselves and the world around them. So, with that, let’s seek some activities that will delight both of you!

Here are a few fun date ideas that are perfect for a momma and her little lady:

-Visit a farm or apple orchard.

-Jump in a pile of leaves.

-Have a “tea party” with apple cider or cocoa.

-Make leaf prints, rubbings, or collage.

-Make candied apples or popcorn balls.

-Make a peanut butter pinecone bird feeder.

-Have a spa day and paint your nails fun fall colors.

-Create fall or glow-in-the-dark slime.

-Paint rocks in fall colors.

-Have a fall scavenger hunt where she looks for certain “fall-themed” toys or items around the house.

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Moms of Tweens

Moms of Tweens

Okay, so maybe your kids are a bit older, jumping in leaves isn’t so cool anymore, and making crafts seems “babyish.” Not a problem. While tweens can sometimes be hard to read as they waffle between wanting to do “kid things” and “grown-up things,” let me assure you, there are things to do with your girl that you can both enjoy!

Here are some “cool” mother/daughter date ideas that a tween would love:

-Get out in nature and go on a hike.

-Create a bonfire and make smores.

-Hit up a craft store and make a fall wreath together.

-Bake a fall dessert like an apple crumble cake or pumpkin sugar cookies.

-Paint a fall picture on canvas.

-Get lost in a corn maze.

-Guess the fall item game. Place certain fall items in cups, cover with a towel, and see if they can tell what it is.

-Roast pumpkin seeds.

-Try your hand at making apple or pumpkin butter.

-Bob for apples and see who gets the most.

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Moms of Teens

Moms of Teens

As a mom currently raising two teenage girls, I get it. This age is filled with many emotions. It’s beautiful, tender, and sweet, just as much as it is gut-wrenching, leaving you completely dumbfounded at times. But, while this age may bring a variety of highs and lows, there are some ways to spend time with your girl and create special memories.

Here are some ways to speak to your teen’s heart and whisk her away on a mother/daughter date:

-Hit up a local coffee shop and get their seasonal latte.

-Go camping (even if it’s just in your backyard).

-Write notes together to deliver to a local hospital or retirement home.

-Invite other moms and daughters (because everything is better with friends, especially for them) and

host a movie marathon night with popcorn and lots of candy.

-Pick out pumpkins and create faces on them – let them harness their inner child.

-Have a pumpkin carving contest.

-Go shopping for fall-themed décor or candles for their room.

-Make apple cider together.

-Go to a local place for breakfast and order seasonal food like pumpkin pancakes.

-Do something that speaks her love language and see where that leads. My oldest loves it when I help her with her clothes since acts of service is her love language, where my middle daughter tends to love when I give her words of encouragement. So, speak to her heart and do something with her that will meet a need of hers.

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A Prayer for You and Your Darling Daughter

A Prayer for You and Your Darling Daughter


We are so grateful that You give us beautiful and meaningful connections within the confines of our family. Thank you for the blessing and beauty that is tucked within the relationship between a mother and daughter. I pray that this fall season opens up ways for these two ladies to connect and grow in mutual love, respect, and adoration. Lord, please provide special ways these mothers and daughters can bond, creating lasting memories to cherish and hold dear. I pray hearts are softened as precious memories are shared and made. I ask for grace wrapped in forgiveness if there is any tension or miscommunication and that You lovingly restore hope and offer a pathway to healing if need be. Give each of Your daughters a sense of compassion and a heart that longs to rejoice in their time together as You foster a healthy and peaceful relationship between the two of them. I ask this in your precious name. Amen.

“‘Everyone who quotes proverbs will quote this proverb about you: “Like mother, like daughter.” Ezekiel 16:44

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