A Prayer to Contend for the Faith

Let's pray. Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of salvation. We are so undeserving of Your grace and mercy, yet, while we were still sinners, You sent Your son to die so that we could have eternal life. In immeasurable love for Your Children, before the beginning of time, You created a way for us to be redeemed and restored; thank You. This life offers many distractions, illusions of happiness, and false promises of peace and joy- we ask for strength to pursue the eternal over the temporal. Let us not waver in our faith like shifting sand but instead firmly plant ourselves on the solid rock of Christ. Lead us as we seek to be the salt and light of this world, guide our paths, and direct our words and actions, bringing You glory and honor. 

Thumbnail courtesy of Canva.com  Stock footage courtesy of soundstripe.com



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