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10 Powerful Hymns to Silence Satan's Lies

Our spiritual enemy, Satan, is real, vicious, and relentless—but he is also defeated. In Christ, we have all we need to stand victorious against every attack. These words sink us deeper into God Almighty’s embrace and therefore empower us to triumph.  

5 Reasons Worship Is a Way of Life

Worship encompasses our whole way of life. It’s the way we respond to those who can do nothing for us. It's the appreciation we give for the smallest gestures. It's honor, respect, and gratitude—for life, the world, our blessings, and each day.

How Do I Repent?

Repentance is one of those Christians buzzwords. But when we really think about it, a lot of related questions can arise. What exactly does repentance mean? How often do I need to do it? And most importantly, how do I repent? These are all valid questions, and seeking the answers will only serve to grow your faith, and point you back to the Father when you begin to slip.

8 Wonderful Ways to Bow Down and Worship Like David

Just like us, David had moments of doubt, fear, and folly. But through it all, he recognized the power of worship and turned it into a lifestyle that inspires us to exciting worship every day. Here are eight wonderful ways to bow down and worship like David.

5 Important Ways Spirituality Differs from Religion

The word religion comes from a Latin word that means to bind. Spirituality comes from another Latin word that means breath or spirit. How do we walk by faith in these differences today? Here are five insights to consider about religion vs. spirituality.

What Is the Church? Its Purpose and Identity

At its core, the church is the global community of Christ followers who believe in the divinity and resurrection of Jesus Christ and are commissioned to proclaim the good news of His salvation to the world. The church transcends age, gender, race, geography, and socioeconomic lines.

5 Amazing Ways to Throw Satan off His Game with Worship

Satan loves to throw challenges at you. If you can worship during his tricks, you’ll come to learn that praise and worship are not about how you feel. It's about worshipping God and trusting His victory. Here are 5 ways to win through worship.


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