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99.5 KKLAAmerica's Christian Credit Union and Arctic Hotspot Cafe & Catering are proud to continue to present - Thankful Thursdays - our way of saying thanks to local Church Pastors and their Staffs and Christian Schools, Principals, Teachers and their Staffs by delivering a FREE LUNCH* to their offices every Thursday. 

Each week we'll select a Church or School from among the nominations we receive from our 99.5 KKLA listeners.  We invite you to nominate your local Church, Christian School or just a favorite one - for this special honor.

Use the links below to nominate the Church or School of your choice by telling us why you want to bless them.  Then listen to 99.5 KKLA every Thursday for the name of the Church or School to be honored including your nomination story as to why they deserve a Thankful Thursday FREE lunch*.

Help us bless local Churches and Christian Schools every Thursday - every Thankful Thursday - with lunch courtesy of Arctic Hotspot Cafe & Catering.

You can submit one nomination per week! Click on the links below to get started with your first nomination.

And Thank You - for helping 99.5 KKLA and America's Christian Credit Union make every Thursday - a Thankful Thursday for the staff of a local Church or Christian School.

*Arctic Hotspot Cafe & Catering provides lunch for 12.

Miracle Faith Apostolic House of Prayer, Inc.  |  6160 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach 90805

Nominated by:  Christopher Smith

Founded in 1980, Miracle Faith Apostolic House of Prayer, Inc. located in Long Beach is dedicated to fostering and facilitating joint efforts in the areas of education, public awareness, counseling, and resources for individuals in the local and surrounding communities and the destination of the KKLA Thankful Thursday Team.

Each week 99.5 KKLA selects a church or school from the nominations received from KKLA listeners recommending an appreciation lunch to reward them for their dedication and service to their communities sponsored by America's Christian Credit Union and our catering partner Arctic Hotspot Cafe & Catering. 



(Left)  KKLA Thankful Thursday Team Leads Catherine Boese and Ellis Flowers flank Pastor Christopher Smith and Senior Pastor Dorothea Washington as they pause before enjoying their appreciation meals courtesy of Artic Hotspot Cafe & Catering.  (Center)  Ellis Flowers interviews Senior Pastor Dorothea Washington for her interview that will air on SoCal's Morning Rush with Donna Rusch.  During their time together, Pastor Dorothea noted that Miracle Faith Apostolic started as a house church in Compton and then moved to Long Beach when they were blessed with the church building they occupy today.  Pastor Dorothea spoke about needing surgery in her late 20's and it was this life changing experience that lead her to God. Her doctors informed her that she didn't have much longer to live, but through prayer and fasting, she overcame the grim diagnosis and began to heal. That was over 50 years ago and today she leads a growing and dynamic ministry in Long beach.  Pastor Christopher Smith, who nominated Pastor Dorothea Washington, stated, “Pastor Dorothea Washington is great role model for body of Christ and great leader who loves to help those who are in need of support.”  He went on to note that he respects the professionalism he experienced when partnering with KKLA previously.  He said he loves everything KKLA is doing in the community to recognize and honor pastors and churches in Southern California.  (Right)  Thankful Thursday Team Lead Catherine Boese and the 99.5 KKLA ECOLA Van are pictured in front of the Miracle Faith Apostolic House of Prayer, Inc. sanctuary in Long Beach.  Join them for Sunday Morning services, beginning with Sunday School at 10:00 am for all ages followed by Morning Worship at 11:30 am.  There is also a mid-week Bible Study Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and you can join Pastor Dorothea for special prayer gatherings via conference call, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 8:00 am.  Details are available on their website.  Thankful Thursday is sponsored by America's Christian Credit Union.

Redeemed South Bay Church  |  2545 West 237th Street, Unit A, Torrance 90505

Nominated by:  Cheryl Crabtree

Heading to the South Bay - the KKLA Thankful Thursday Team visited with Pastor Geoff Alfassa, family and staff of Redeemed South Bay Church in Torrance.  Pastor Geoff Alfassa is one of six pastors at Redeemed South Bay ministering to their congregation and community with Expository preaching. 

Each week 99.5 KKLA selects a church or school from the nominations received from KKLA listeners recommending an appreciation lunch to reward them for their dedication and service to their communities sponsored by America's Christian Credit Union and our catering partner Arctic Hotspot Cafe & Catering. 



(Left)  (L-R) Sue Koval, Deacon Mike Koval, Addie Alfassa, Ellie Jo Alfassa, Pastor Geoff Alfassa, Elias Alfassa, Joanna Alfassa and Abraham Alfassa take a photo with KKLA Thankful Thursday Team Lead Catherine Boese and their appreciation meals courtesy of Artic Hotspot Cafe & Catering.  (Center)  Redeemed South Bay started in November 2013 as a church plant of Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach. In addition to their Sunday Worship Service at 9:30 am, they offer community groups that meet in various member homes on Wednesday nights.  Visit their website for more information on their Care Groups. Redeemed South Bay also has a large children's ministry with nearly 50 children under the age of 10 attending each week.  Pastor Geoff Alfassa is one of six pastors serving the congregation (L-R) Warren Chun, Kevin Bryan, Tim Mercer, Jeff Lewis, Geoff Alfassa and Kenny Kauffman serve the church as they continue to grow and expand in Torrance.  Redeemed South Bay's Women's Group meets Monday's at 7:00 pm and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am, Youth and Young Adults meet Monday's at 7:00 pm and Redeemed South Bay men's ministry meet the first and third Saturday's at 7:00 am.  They also Live Stream their Sunday Worship service and their website includes an archive of previous services and sermons.  Their sermon focus is on Expository preaching, which is the faithful explanation of God's written word. Such faithfulness understands that the Scriptures were written by Spirit-inspired men with a purposeful intent which is readily understandable by paying careful attention to the literary, historical, grammatical, and theological contexts of the text. The expository preacher must, by the power of the Spirit and all his might, passionately proclaim the text and provide application to his hearers, so that the head is filled with the knowledge of God, the heart is filled with the hope of Christ, and the hands are quickened to the obedience of the Holy spirit, all for the glory of God and the joy of man.  (Right)  Thankful Thursday Team Lead Ellis Flowers waves in front of Redeemed South Bay's facility in Torrance.   Thankful Thursday is sponsored by America's Christian Credit Union and we are proud to partner with them to honor local Christian Schools and Churches such as Redeemed South Bay Church in Torrance..

WORD INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES "WIN-LA"  |  530 SOUTH Benton Way, Los Angeles 90057

Nominated by:  Leonardo Torres

The KKLA Thankful Thursday Team started off 2023 by continuing our quest in partnership with America's Christian Credit Union to celebrate and appreciate Local Churches and Christian Schools by delivering lunch courtesy of our catering partner Arctic Hotspot Cafe & Catering.  Today we headed to the heart of Los Angeles and a visit with Senior Pastor Chito Cordero and the staff of Word International Ministries - affectionally known as "WIN-LA". 

Each week 99.5 KKLA selects a church or school from the nominations received from KKLA listeners recommending an appreciation lunch to reward them for their dedication and service to their communities.



(Left)  The KKLA Thankful Thursday Team arrives each Thursday with a dozen meals courtesy of Artic Hotspot Cafe & Catering.  Their story is a testimony of a project that started back in late 2004. It speaks about the power of faith and of God's faithfulness to His promises. A yearlong struggle to open their doors taught them to trust and believe; but above all, showed them that 'we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us'. Their specialties include Healthy & delicious food, fresh-made when you order.  Try their tasty breakfast selection: Chilaquiles en Salsa Quemada, Huevos Rancheros, Lox & Bagel or their popular Chorizo & Papa Breakfast Panini.  Join Artic Hotspot Cafe & Catering for lunch and have one of their artfully crafted Salads, Pita Pockets, Wraps or Panini Sandwiches!  (Center)  Word International Ministries is part of an international community of churches that started in the Philippines. By 2002, Word International Ministries had expanded to more than 26 countries with over 200 churches worldwide, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Senior Pastor Chito Cordero started WIN-LA in December 2008, where they've gone through many challenges with the community. Pastor Cordero notes how much the community needs Jesus and the fellowship of the believers. He wants people to experience vibrant praise to lead people to know, love, honor, and glorify Jesus Christ. Word International is always looking to get involved in the community with food banks, clothes donations, and youth programs.  WIN-LA was nominated by KKLA Listener Leonardo Torres who stated, "I am nominating Pastor Chito Cordero because he is one of our most hardworking Pastors, looking after our church members and their spiritual growth.”  (Right) The staff of Word International Ministries pose for a photo with KKLA Thankful Thursday Team Lead Catherine Boese.  (left to right) Edwin Hernandez, Vic Isidro, Pastor Chito Cordero, Mark Briones, Cynthia De Castro, Paolo Guiuan and Catherine Boese.   "WIN-LA is committed to living by the WORD of God, and to making His WORD known to all nations. The WORD does not just refer to the Scriptures, nor the Lord Jesus Christ, it has also become for our church an acronym (W.O.R.D.), standing for the core values which we have committed to live by and to pass on from generation to generation.  WORSHIP: We are committed to worship God, to love and serve Him with all our heart and soul and strength. OUTREACH: We are committed to go into all the world and to be witnesses of Jesus Christ for all people to know and experience the saving grace that comes through Him alone. RELATIONSHIP: We are committed to building a community of believers, bound by their love for God and for His people and united in fulfilling His call to serve all people and nurture them into living a life of faith and obedience. DISCIPLESHIP: We are committed to raising followers of our Lord Jesus Christ."  Join them for worship services Sundays at 9:30 am (in-person and Streaming Online) and Saturdays at 6:00 pm (in-person and Streaming Online.)  They also have a variety of other monthly ministries and gatherings.  Check their website for complete details.  Thankful Thursday is proudly sponsored by America's Christian Credit Union and their mission to honor local Christian Schools and Churches.

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