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"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'” Isaiah 30:21 NIV

Our family recently took a short, three-hour road trip to visit relatives in another state. We planned for everything: rest stops to use the bathroom, places to eat, and a nice place to stay.

We also relied heavily on the GPS that was built into my mother’s well-traveled car. She carefully used it to navigate and drive us safely to our destination and home again. I marveled at seeing my Mom faithfully follow every twist, taking every turn without questioning the voice that spoke through the GPS. She knew that she could trust it and that if she followed it completely, we’d reach the right place. It made me wonder how we don’t always follow God as our Guide as closely as we follow a human-made navigation system.

The Creator and King of the Universe has knowledge and wisdom beyond our understanding. The Bible says that God “knows the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10). It’s daunting to wrap our minds around that truth. Above all human reasoning, God knows best. He is infinite and all-knowing, but we are finite and short-sighted. God can be trusted completely because He has our best interests at heart. But how often do we struggle to trust Him and hesitate to follow Him?

Time and time again, God has proven that He is Sovereign and knows what is best for my life. But often, my stubborn streak gets in the way of allowing God to guide me. This usually happens in situations where I think I know what is best. We’ve all been there, right?

Whether it’s a career choice, a cross-country move, a traveling expense, or something as simple as what we choose to eat…we all have experienced a time when we thought that we knew what was best for us and so we went for it. Often when we follow our heart’s desires over God’s desires for us, we fall short. We get hurt. Then we come running back to God much like the Prodigal Son returned home to his father after wasting his inheritance.

Now if you have been following God’s lead all of your life and always obeying Him as you allow Him to order your steps in His Word every moment then that is wonderful! Continue being faithful to Him. However, for those of us who could use a little practice at following God as our guide, the good news is that He’s ready to teach us! God as a Master Teacher, knows how to differentiate instruction in the ways we each need it most. He can help us understand concepts that we never thought were possible to comprehend. He can redirect us when we veer off-route. He can safely and effectively help us navigate all the twists and turns in life. If we follow God faithfully, we will reach our ultimate destination (Heaven) in His perfect time.

Our visit with family went well and was filled with memorable moments that made my heart smile. As we packed up to return home, the first thing my Mom did was enter our home address into her car’s GPS. Then she drove us safely there, thanks to letting the instruction guide her journey. Just like obeying the navigator who helped us return safely to our earthly home, our Savior (Jesus Christ) wants to guide all of us safely to our eternal home. 

Will we allow Him to help us journey through the mountaintop highs and valley lows of life, following His lead through every surprise, setback, joy, sorrow, trial, and tribulation? If we lean into Jesus and trust Him, we’ll find Him to be a trustworthy and experienced leader—the best Navigator—and He’ll help us arrive safely to our eternal destination.

Let’s Pray: Dear God, Thank You for being our Ultimate Guide. It’s such a comfort to know that when we let You lead us, we will always arrive safely to our destination. Please help us to trust You and follow Your Son, Jesus Christ, all the way to our ultimate destination (Heaven). We love You, Lord. In Jesus’s Name, I pray. Amen. 

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Alexis A. GoringAlexis A. Goring is an author, blogger, editor, photographer, trained journalist, and total foodie. She specializes in Contemporary Christian Romance (fiction) and devotionals (nonfiction). Her first devotional book, Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God, was published in April 2020. Alexis hopes that her life’s work will lead people to Jesus Christ and teach them about the God who loves humankind with all of His heart. When she’s not sharing words that inspire and encourage the heart, you can find her in the kitchen cooking up something tasty, or in a café or restaurant, either dining solo or sharing a meal with loved ones. Connect with Alexis online via her website (, Twitter (@pennedbyalex) and Instagram (@capturing_the_idea).

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