The Test of Christianity… Should Probably Include Christ.

I’ve seen this floating around. And I get it. I know what they mean. But salt clarifies and this is pretty murky.

“The test of Christianity is not loving Jesus, it’s loving… Judas?”


This is not theology.

If you want to say, “love your enemies.” then say “love your enemies…” or “forgiveness is hard but good.”

But don’t convolute a litmus test for what is Christianity with sentiment or kindness. A fruit of the Spirit, or from the Vine, is NOT THE VINE. 


Here’s how I know this is foolish. Can a lost person love Judas? Yes. While not having faith in Jesus? Sure. Are they a Christian? Nope. Lots of people love sinners, that doesn’t necessarily equate to loving the Savior. OR LOVING THE SAVIOR WELL… like with obedience and stuff.

Judas can be fairly easy to love, actually. Judas doesn’t demand I die to self or take up my cross daily. Judas doesn’t challenge me to holiness or obedience. Judas doesn’t demand I love anyone. Not himself and certainly not Jesus. Why would we dare elevate Judas? Are we going to start loving like Judas as well? Jesus would caution against it.


This statement is just poor word choice for the sake of brevity or simplicity. No big deal, right? But it’s poor word choice that brings about folly… dressed up like forgiveness… then trying to substitute forgiveness of others for a test of salvation or faith. Hmmm… simplified to the point of error? Raise your hand if you remember another time that happened. I’ll give you a hint. Garden. Serpent. Nudists? Satan was close on how he restated God’s words, no? Just not precise? Accuracy matters, doesn’t it my fellow foliage wearers?

Just because something seems kind doesn’t make it CREED. Words matter. There’s no Sola Amor or Sola Judas.


And if you want my saltiest, frankest take… this is making someone other than Christ the primary object of our affection and calling it good. Is it not? And not just calling it good, calling it better. Isn’t that just like the world?? “Over here, Believer! The better thing is the one that’s easier and requires less. Trust me!” #TheHellItIs #WellIsntThatSpecial #CouldItBeSatan


The more I think about this the more irritated I get. Exchanging words that change meanings? Be very careful, my salty friends. Inconsistent is consistently wrong. What if it said, “The test of Christianity is not loving Jesus, it is loving yourself.” Y’all, we would agree and love this statement even more. It would seem even more wise and gracious in this “Culture of Self” that we live in. “I just need to learn to love myself… to forgive myself… it’s me that’s been on the cross this whole time… ” Chew on that a minute. We say that like it’s a bad thing, an injustice and we deserve to come down. Psshh. We also assume we’ve mastered loving Jesus and are ready to move on to loving kith, kin, and frenemy. Ha!

I truly love bad things all the time. Like carbs. Easy peasy, pass the rolls pleasy. Love Jesus and devote myself to Him? Of course! Unless Christmas is on a Sunday.


Nope. Love God. Love others. That’s the order. Period. That’s the test of Christianity.

And while we are here mincing words and meat at the feet of the cross… No. We are not all Judas. Capable of being? Yes. Same? No.

#wordshavemeaning #yayclarity #yaydictionarydorks


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