The Winning Walk with Dr. Ed Young

The Winning Walk with Dr. Ed Young

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The Winning Walk with Dr. Ed Young is the international on-air and online teaching ministry of Dr. Ed Young, Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. The Winning Walk proclaims the proven truth of God’s Word to give men and women the world over a winning way to live life.
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Some People Seem to Have it all, Part 2
The truth is, you can find satisfaction in life.

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Living Life with No Regrets

When life isn’t going according to plan… when things are just too hard… we can find ourselves crying out to God, asking why He’s allowing us to endure such pain.The truth is that God doesn’t promise you a life free from pain and hardship. But He does promise to walk with you – and work in you – through your suffering, refining and honing your faith so you learn to live a life of real value.You can dig deep into the proven truth of God’s Word when it comes to suffering and pain – by requesting your copy of Dr. Ed Young’s CD series Living Life with No Regrets as you give today.


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