You Can Cure A Child From Worms

Luke Dailey

Luke Dailey

Dailey Devos with Luke Dailey exists to be a beacon of hope by communicating passionate devotionals from Scripture. Together, we will focus on the Good News of Jesus. This time affords us the privilege of aligning our thoughts with the heart of God. Dailey Devos is a program that will encourage, challenge and grow your faith. The devotionals are birthed from Luke's personal study and preaching ministry at Centerpoint Church in Simi Valley.

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I have a beautiful wife, three daughters and one son. I live in Simi Valley, California. I am the Associate Pastor at Centerpoint Church, where I have served on staff for 12 years. I am a full-time Chaplain at Rescue Mission Alliance Ventura County. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Eternity Bible College, and a Masters degree in Biblical Exposition from Moody Theological Seminary.



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