You Can Cure A Child From Worms

Pastor Matthew Pollock

Pastor Matthew Pollock

The Way of Truth takes you into the heart of Pastor Matthew Pollock as he preaches a timely message of faith, selflessness & surrender.

Straight from the sanctuary of The Way Family Church based in Murrieta, California this message will reach you wherever you find yourself in your faith journey.

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Pastor Matthew Pollock and his wife Abby have been married for 21 years, and have four children. Together they live in Murrieta, California and Pastor The Way Family Church.

Upon graduation from Abundant Life School of Ministry (ALSOM) in La Marque, Texas. Pastors Matthew and Abby first pioneered Strong Tower Church in Casper, Wyoming. Shortly after they began the church they felt God called them to start in Southwest Riverside County. In October of 2008, The Way Family Church was born.



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