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The Word on CrossBay

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The Word on CrossBay

The radio ministry of CrossBay Community Church, which is a "church plant," meeting at the Del Amo mall!

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About Pastor Louis Scott Brenes

Hi I'm Louis Scott Brenes, but just call me Louis.  As an Attorney and as a Life Coach, I get to serve as the Lead Pastor at CrossBay Community Church.  Now, CrossBay is a Church Plant, and we meet at a mall. That's right! We meet at the mall!  How cool is that!  But more on Church Planting and why we meet at a mall later.  I'm just glad you stopped in today.   In a nut shell - I love what I do!  I love inspiring people!  I love having fun and making our world a better place.  I've committed my entire life to people like you . . . Someone God has destined with a great plan, and a great future.  Fun stuff!  Enjoy the website and make sure you get some free Starbucks Coffee at CrossBay on a Sunday morning at 11:11 AM.  See you soon! Louis


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