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Everyday Evangelism

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Finally! A show that contains simple, straightforward suggestions to help you incorporate evangelism into your everyday life. “Everyday Evangelism” is based on Host Laura Yang’s book, Everyday Evangelism: Practical Tips to Use Today. Each broadcast has a topical theme, and includes calls from listeners with success stories related to the topic of the day so that we can “all spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

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About Laura Yang

Laura Yang is a regular Christian just like you. She is married with children, works as a substitute teacher, and serves in various Christian ministries*. Although Laura grew up in a Christian home, she did not claim Christ as her Lord and Savior until her mid-thirties. God has since given her a passion for Christ, the gospel message, and reaching the unsaved. Laura uses the tips in her book, Everyday Evangelism: Practical Tips to Use Today, to share her faith as part of her everyday lifestyle, and God has given her the desire to help other Christians do the same.


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