Living Ready for His Return

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Are you ready for the soon return of our Lord?  The only way you can be sure you're ready for a day and hour you do not know - is to LIVE READY, consecrating yourself wholly to the Lord DAILY in morning prayer, and submitting to His Word and the leading of His Spirit throughout the day, everyday - to the Glory of God!

Living Ready for His Return program is designed to help you stay focused on living ready for a day and hour you do not know.  

The program brings teaching insights to enlighten the eyes of your understanding to fundamental truths and revelation knowledge; which will help to edify and ensure you are walking worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing, fruitful and yes indeed, living ready for His return!

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About Pastor Richard Adrian

Pastor Richard Adrian is senior pastor-teacher and co-founder with his wife, Pastor Shirley, of New Life Transformation Christian Center (NLTCC); where the Spirit of the Lord liberates you to be all God created you to be in Christ.

Pastor Adrian has a heart to win the lost to Christ for the gift of eternal life, and to make disciples of Christ for the glory of God. Pastor Adrian confessed Jesus as his Lord at an early age but did not consecrate himself to the Lord until many years later, after he was gratefully saved by the mercies of God from destruction by choosing to live a sinful life, testifying ' I've done so much wrong, if I can't live doing right, I don't want to live anymore!'  It was at this point he died to self, repented and consecrated himself wholly to the Lord, living on fire and thankful every day for his new life in Christ, and not looking back but living ready for our Lord's soon return!

When Pastor Adrian consecrated his life to the Lord, the Lord led him to get rooted and grounded in the good church soil of Los Angeles Christian Center (LACC) under the Spirit filled training ministry of founding pastor-teacher Dr. Floyd C. Miller and his successor Apostle Will A. Wheat.  It was at LACC that the Lord molded and shaped Pastor Adrian by His Word and by His Spirit as he served the Lord faithfully by serving the local Body ordained as a deacon, teaching elder, minister and associate pastor; at which time the Lord called he and his wife, whom the Lord brought together and married at LACC, to have hands laid on them and to be separated unto Him for the work He has called them unto.

Shortly afterward, the Lord led Pastor Adrian and his wife to submit to the pastoral covering of Dr. Mark T. Barclay of Living Word Church in Midland Michigan, where they both hold ordination and ministerial credentials, and are members of the Mark Barclay Ministries Righteous Preachers' Network.

Pastor Adrian and Pastor Shirley continue to serve the Lord faithfully at NLTCC with the vision of reaching Los Angeles and the world for Christ through the outreach ministries of the Bread of Life Food Ministry and the New Direction Christian Homeless Shelters and Discipleship Homes for men, women, and families - all to the glory of God, in Jesus' name, amen!


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