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All Inclusive vs. Cruise

Greetings fellow vacation enthusiasts! Valentines Day is upon us, the Dayton 500 is around the corner and President's Day! I have some thoughts...more on that later. One of the questions I get asked quite a bit is “which do you prefer, an all inclusive resort or a cruise?” This is such a loaded question because I love both. But the fact of the matter is, that’s really not a fair question because it's not a fair comparison. Trains and airplanes do essentially the same thing (carry people to places) but the two are vastly different. All Inclusive resorts are vastly different, even though they essentially offer the same amenities and services. Cruise itineraries are essentially the same, yet every line and every ship is just a little bit different than the one moored next to it. The point here is that travel is personal and there is a “perfect solution” for all. Take the time to do your research and then try it out. For me? If everything were equal, I’d lean more towards cruising. But that’s because I too am as unique as you are…like a snowflake.



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