Ready...Set...Vacation! with Erik the Travel Guy


Consider A Cruise!

Greetings my fellow vacation thrill-seekers! I am in a fantastic mood as I write this. Of course, I am in between shuttling my children around this afternoon, but I am THINKING about whisking away to feel the warm embrace of the golden Caribbean sun! Nothing makes me happier than exploring an exotic port of call and letting the cruise industry get me there. If you haven’t considered a cruise, then please do so immediately. But here are my quick tips. Pay attention to what line you are on, what the duration of the cruise is, what type of cabin you’re in (and where it's located on the ship) and your itinerary. Consider the embarkation point. The US ports with the most cruise options to the Caribbean are Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral. Also consider Tampa and Long Beach, California. Of course, you could do a Hawaii cruise or Alaska this summer. Get yourself connected with a qualified Travel Advisor to help you through the process. Then get ready for big fun on the high seas! Happy travels!



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