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Walk in Truth with Pastor Michael Lantz

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Michael Lantz is the Senior Pastor of Living Truth Christian Fellowship in Corona, California. Pastor Michael dissects God’s word verse-by-verse and applies it to today’s issues, trends, and culture.
8:00AM - 8:45AM

Thru the Bible - Sunday Sermon with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Throughout time, some of the most wonderful stories have been about love. Whether fact or fiction, they capture our hearts and stir our souls. One of the greatest love stories is found in the Old Testament book of the Song of Solomon.   
8:45AM - 9:00AM

You Are Forgiven

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You Are Forgiven! These words—and the fact they describe—are at the very heart of the Christian faith. You Are Forgiven! radio hopes to be a different sound amidst the noise. Our goal is to proclaim the genuine good news—that’s what “Gospel” . . .

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